About Us

Chamber History: The Thai-Hong Kong Trade Association (THKTA) was established in 1992 to promote the development of trade and investment between Thailand and Hong Kong.

The association was established in accordance with the Trade Association Act B.E. 2509 and under the control of the Trade Association Registration Office of Bangkok.

Mission: The Thai-Hong Kong Trade Association aims to provide a point of exchange and coordination to improve business and opportunities in trade, industry, investment, finance, and other business activities in between Thailand and Hong Kong.

Objective: The main objectives of the association are as follows:

– To foster effective business and social relations;
– To offer essential business services;
– To offer relevant local information and experience necessary for the successful practice of business;
– To liaise with the Thai government to help all concerned parties.

Activities/Services: In addition to serving as a point of contact and exchange for THKTA members, the association serves as a valuable resource of information and interaction.

Networking Opportunities

The THKTA works closely with other committees/associations to strengthen communication with key officials and organise regular meetings, business missions, and other activities such as seminars, luncheons, and social functions.

The association is also a member of the Foreign Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations, with its president sitting in on Board of Trade meetings.


On the commercial side, THKTA members can pay to advertise on the THKTA website, including sponsorship of appropriate articles, company profiles, press releases, etc.


The association updates information from time to time, striving to keep members informed. Members can obtain regularly updated information as follows:

  •  THKTA Website

The association provides a forum for interested members to discuss the Thai and Hong Kong economies. Members and non-members can access the site 24 hours a day. Information about members will be kept private, and only other members can access this information.

  •  THKTA Staff

THKTA staff can undertake basic research in response to member enquiries such as sourcing lists of contacts, government regulation, or seeking advice from THKTA committees.

THKTA Website (www.THTA.or.th)

The THKTA website is the major communication vehicle for the association with its members.  It is considered a publication (with the exception of the directory), giving members a wide range of reports and other useful information 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.