THTA Monthly Promotions Oct 2021

THTA Monthly Promotions October 2021 To get a quick quote: 获取快速报价: Protect Your Loved Ones , Employees & Guests with Disinfecting Services Why should you Disinfect your Home & Office   Create an environment for people you care with utmost safety level to combat COVID -19 outbreak Disinfect your premises before resuming your business to boost confidence   Sanitize all touchpoints of your … [Read more...]

THTA Monthly Promotions Sep 2021

THTA Monthly Promotions September 2021 Celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival , Savor Hong Kong Fisherman’s Gift Handcrafted & Time-honoured Mooncakes Hong Kong Fisherman’s home style mooncakes, exquisitely crafted to bring prosperity and harmony to you and your love ones. The mooncake comes in six delighting flavors with nine styles including Hong Kong Sweet Lotus Seed with / without Salted Egg ,  Hong Kong Sweet Red Bean with / without Salted … [Read more...]

THTA Monthly Promotions June 2021

THTA Monthly Promotions June 2021 … [Read more...]