In additional to serving as a point of contact and exchange for THKTA Members, THKTA serves as a valuable resource of information and interaction for members.

Networking Opportunities

THKTA works closely with other committees/associations to built and strengthen up communication with the key officials, and also organized regular meeting, business mission, and other activities such as seminars, luncheons, and social functions.

In additional to Thai – Hong Kong Trade Association is a member of the 25 Foreign Chamber of Commerce and Trade Associations President sits on the Board of Trade’s Meeting.

Publicities / Sponsorship

On the commercial side, THKTA Members able to paid advertising on THKTA Directory or THKTA website, include sponsorship on preparation of an appropriate article, company profile, press release, etc for site visit.


The association is updated information time to time and strive to keep the membership inform. Thus, THKTA Members can obtain regularly updated information as follow:

– THKTA Website

The association provides the forum for interested member to discuss the Thai and Hong Kong economic. Member and Non-member can 24 hours a day site for the information, except the information about membership will keep in privacy, only member can access that information.

– Handbook / Directory

This compendium includes comprehensive information on Thailand, including economic trends, investment steps, and business laws, taxation, and investment incentives, as well three indexes: company name, representative name, and business classification. This compendium will not giving or sold to non-member.

– THKTA Staff

THKTA staff can undertake basic research in response member enquiries such as sourcing lists of contacts, government regulation, seeking advice from THKTA committees.

 THKTA Website (

THKTA website is the major communication vehicle for THKTA with all the members even no e-mail, and also considered as publication (exception of Directory) are hosted and achievement the site giving members to a wide range of reports and other useful information 24-hours a day access anywhere in the world.