13. Rights of Members:

A Member of the Trade Association will be entitled to the following rights:

(1) to receive assistance and support in matters pertaining to the operations of business which lie within the Trade Association’s objectives,

(2) to proffer opinion or recommendation to the Trade Association or the Board of Directors in any matters lying within the Trade Association’s Objectives for the purpose of enhancing its efficiency and prosperity.

(3) to request examination of the Trade Association’s operations and property by submitting a letter to the Secretary-General or the Director acting for the Secretary-General.

(4) to attend general meetings, discuss matters, offer comments, make inquiries with the Board of Directors or any other person and to submit motions to the General Meetings of Members,

(5) to use the Trade Association’s logo only with the prior approval by resolution of the Board of Directors and in a dignified and appropriate manner without acquiring any proprietary right thereon in any way,

(6) Ordinary Members only may vote in General Meetings and be elected as Directors,

(7) to be appointed as proxy for other Members and to vote on behalf of such Members,

(8) to be designated by resolution of the Board of Directors as Patron or Founding Member of the Trade Association,

(9) Honorary Members and Affiliate Members shall have equal rights as Ordinary Members except for the right to vote and the right to hold an elected office.

14. Members’ Duties:

It is the duty of the Trade Association’s Member to observe the following:

(1) to comply at all times with the Trade Association’s Bylaws and resolutions adopted by its General Meetings or the Board of Directors,

(2) to preserve the honour and vested interests of the Trade Association and not to disclose, under any circumstances, any information which may disgrace or cause the Trade Association to suffer disrepute,

(3) to promote and support the Trade Association in its activities to ensure constant progress and development,

(4) to maintain unity amongst Members and to conduct its business or any other activities with integrity nor cause damages to other Members,

(5) to pay all dues and fees to the Trade Association as scheduled,

(6) the Secretary-General shall be notified in writing of any change by any member of name, surname, nationality or re-location of residence or office, change in the business category or change of representatives where such Member is a juristic person, within seven days of such change as otherwise the Trade Association will not be under any obligation to acknowledge such change and may, for all intent and purpose, undertake any act as if such change has not taken place and will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising therefrom as long as the Trade Association has not received any notice of such changes.