4. Objectives:

This Trade Association holds the following objectives:

(1) to promote the enterprise of trading, industry, investment, financial and economic relations between Thailand and Hong Kong,

(2) to promote co-operation and business relationship between Thai businessmen and Hong Kong businessmen;

(3) to provide advice, suggestions, assistance and support to Members in carrying out business in Thailand and Hong Kong, including the collection of statistics, information and data, conducting research and survey, and dissemination of information regarding trade, industry, investment, finance and the economy and other matters of interest to Members;

(4) to promote unity and interchange of technical/academic opinion as well as commercial news amongst Members pertaining to trade, industry, investment, finance, economy and other matters,

(5) to promote the products or services produced, distributed or provided by Members,

(6) to render advice and recommendation to the Government of Thailand or other authorities/organizations within or outside Thailand in the interest of national economic development,

(7) to co-operate with the Government of Thailand in promoting commercial activities at both local and national levels in consistency with the government’s policy,

(8) to organize and undertake activities that benefit the Trade Association and/or Members such as activities in the interest of promoting good health, sports and recreation for Members, to render assistance to Members in the area of welfare and various charitable activities in so far as such activities are not prohibited by Section 22 of the Trade Associations Act, B.E. 2509,

(9) to support and promote global co-operation, communication exchange and synergy among the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide,

(10) to perform any other tasks stipulated by law as being the duties of trade associations, or as assigned by the Government of Thailand.