THKTA Webinar ” What you should know about cryptocurrency in Thailand?” on 9 March 2022 (Wednesday)

The emergence of innovative fintech solutions presents both opportunities and challenges to businesses, while the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is also disrupting the financial industry.  Join us at the business talk to learn more about: -  Cryptocurrency ecosystem and its development in Thailand -  Global trend of cryptocurrency and its applications -  Related regulations and implications for businesses Date: 9 March 2022 … [Read more...]

BASIC YOGA EXPERIENCE DAY (free of charge for members) / 免費線上 “瑜伽體驗課程”

BASIC YOGA EXPERIENCE DAY (free of charge for members) / 免費線上 “瑜伽體驗課程” Dear Members, Kung Hei Fat Choy! I am sure you all had a big feast with during the Chinese New Year, and here is the chance to get sweaty and stretchy! To encourage all of you to exercise regularly, stretch your body and relax your mind, THKTA is organizing a “BASIC YOGA EXPERIENCE DAY” free of charge for members via ZOOM meeting platform on 26 February 2022 (Saturday) from 10-11am. For details, … [Read more...]


各位會員和朋友: 徇眾要求,泰國香港總商會主辦的“李暉大師網上太極班”課程時間,現更改為逢星期六,上午九時到十時(泰國時間)舉行。第一堂將於2021年九月四日正式開始,為期八週。太極班尚餘少量名額,如欲參加,請與本會聯絡 或透過以下連結直接報名 … [Read more...]