China High-Speed Railway Exhibition

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Thailand extends their warmest invitation to members of THTA and our guests to attend the China High-Speed Railway Exhibition in Bangkok from October 25 to November 25, 2013 at 3rd Floor of Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station (City Line).

Chinese Embassy in Thailand will arrange the Chinese State Railway to show the Chinese Railway Technology together with a presentation to THTA members. THTA would like to arrange the visit together with our members on November 21, 2013 3.30 p.m. to visit the China High-Speed Railway Exhibition. Please see the news of Bangkok Post of the exhibition below.

Chinese railway technology being shown to Thais

BANGKOK, 26 Oct 2013 (NNT) – China is showing off its advanced rail technology as it is organizing a high-speed train exhibition at Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station. The fair will go on until November 25th, 2013.

The exhibition entitled “China’s High-Speed Train Technology” is being held for Thais to learn about advancement in railway technology and innovation as well as the cooperation between Thailand and China on the rail system.

Visitors will learn through video presentations in forms of movies and documentaries which provide information and a step-by-step development of rail system in the past until now. The exhibition also features researches on railway and the future of Thailand’s rail service.

A high-speed train simulator is also part of the exhibition as visitors will enjoy a 14.79 kilometer ride from Beijing to Shanghai.

According to the event organizer, China has expressed its willingness to support Thailand’s 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure development plan, but it is up to Thailand how much the country wants China to be a part of its future.

The event will be held until November 25th at Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station.

China High-Speed Railway Exhibition

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