COVID-19 Community Relief Charity Drive

Covid-19 has exacerbated the hardships of the underprivileged in our community.
As part of our Charity Drive for 2021, THKTA would like to embark on the “Covid-19 Community Relief Charity Drive” project.
The project aims to provide daily necessity relief for the under-privileged in Thailand during this pandemic, with particular focus on the Bangkok community due to the latter’s severity.
Theses communities have suffered loss of income due to unemployment, with the shutdown of many businesses that employ them. Many couldn’t even afford meals and daily necessities, and need urgent assistance and relief.
Bangkok Community Help started initially as an initiative founded at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic working in the re-painting, cleaning, renovation, food distribution and construction projects for the betterment of the Klong Toey community and others in need. The solicited funds will go into food & daily necessities distribution to these communities.
We invite you to take a few minutes to visit the links below to see how the donated funds will go directly to relief for the under-privileged community during this pandemic:

Bangkok Community Help Foundation

Looking forward to your kind and generous donations!
Link for donation:

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