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All fourth-year CSII students must form teams and complete a Capstone Project which is a commitment spanning over both semesters of their final year. The Capstone Project is their final project before graduation and represents a culmination of their skills, knowledge, and experience from the past 4 years in CSII, and so there are high expectations of quality not only of the outcome but also throughout the process.

Industry Capstone Projects are one of three types of projects students can choose from, and allows companies to initiate a project scope or prompt that encourages CSII students to synthesize skills and knowledge learned at the undergraduate level to a real-world project, whilst also providing benefit to the host companyPlease see the attached profile for more details about Industry Capstone Projects.

Initiation of an Industry Capstone Project does not require any fee.

Attachment <Scll Capstone Statement of Work template>

Attachment <Development of CSII IGA>

Please send applications to initiate Industry Capstone Projects with CSII students by 25 April 2024.

Dr. Pietro Borsano | Dy Executive Director, Industrial and Global Alliances 

Sr. Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Core Business

+66 (0)6 3858 1283 / +66 (0)8 0072 6766 (WhatsApp)

WeChat: pietro3105

Development of CSII IGA- Industry Capstone Projects CU



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Things Not to Do If Your Car Has Automatic Transmission

In certain countries having an automatic transmission for your car is the most popular option. For instance, in the U.S.A and Thailand there are far more vehicles on the road with automatic transmissions than manual.

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