Invitation to support “Thailand and Hong Kong Together Fighting Against the Pandemic” campaign

Dear THKTA members and Hong Kong Friends in Thailand:

In view of the fifth wave of the epidemic in Hong Kong, the Thai-Hong Kong Trade Association (THKTA) is launching a campaign under the theme of “Showing the Lion Rock Spirit of Hong Kong, Together Fighting Against the Pandemic”.  THKTA will produce a TV video and collect words of encouragement clips from the Hong Kong community and friends in Thailand.  The campaign aims to convey the caring messages from Thailand and encourage Hong Kong people to win this battle against the pandemic.

THKTA sincerely invite you to participate in this campaign.  It will be highly appreciated if you can record a short clip with encouraging messages to Hong Kong people.  All clips collected will be featured in a video to be broadcasted on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK31 or 32), MVTV (Chinese) in Thailand and other online platforms like YouTube and THKTA Facebook page.

It is suggested the video should be filmed in 4K HD (1920×1080) for the best film effect.  The content (approx. 15 seconds) is limited to messages related to fight against the Covid-19, preferably in Cantonese.

If you are interested in taking part in this campaign, please contact us before March 25, 2022.

Kindly to send the short video clip to us before March 31, by contact THKTA via email  If you have any enquiry, please contact 0909780218 (Mr. Chen).

Here, have more details on how to prepare the video clips and about the event, as per your reference.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support and caring to the people of Hong Kong! 

Kind regards,

President of Thai-Hong Kong Trade Association






建議短片使用4K高清 (1920×1080) 解像攝錄,以達到最佳影片效果。短片時長約15秒,內容僅限於為香港抗疫打氣發聲,送上正能量,並以廣東話為主。

如閣下能參與是次活動, 請即在本月25前聯絡本會並填上資料!

支持抗疫行動拍攝短片請在3月31號前,透過電郵送給本會 如有任何查詢,可致電0909780218(陳先生).


號召各位全力支持本次活動,為香港送上關心與鼓勵! 謝謝!




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