THKTA Monthly Promotions Oct 2023

Did You Know? Heartbeats could speak louder than you thought!

📌 Keep an eye out if you feel your heart beat irregularly.

Stay proactive with 5 heart check-up packages to prevent and treat the heart in a timely manner

❤ Heart Check Up (Over 40)

❤ Advanced Heart Check Up

❤ Heart Screening Echo or Treadmill

❤ Heart Screening Stress Echo

❤ Screening For Heart Disease Using Echocardiogram

When the online packages are successfully purchased, appointments can be quickly and conveniently arranged through Bumrungrad App. Click! > (iOS and Android supported)

Car Insurance Groups – What are they and how do they impact your insurance price?

The world of insurance can feel a little overwhelming, particularly for new drivers. For example, car insurance groups? What are they and how do they work? And where do you fit into all of it? Are they really that important? And what kind of impact will your car insurance group have on your insurance cost?…

Car Insurance Groups – What are they and how do they impact your insurance price?

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Celebrating strong fourth quarter event bookings with 324 events and concerts, The IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center debuts Off Peak Promotion – 50% off on any booking
Thailand-headquartered IMPACT Exhibition Management is now offering a 50 per cent discount on bookings for the off-peak season.This promotion is valid for customers who book events or meetings at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, from December 26, 2023, to January 3, 2024 and April 9-16, 2024.

So far, 72 business-related events and concerts have been confirmed at the venue roughly pulling in 274 million baht (US$7.8 million), such as the Thailand Coffee Fest 2023, Medlab Asia and Asia Health 2023, and Building Construction Technology Expo 2023.

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